Chorégraphies débutants

Un grand merci aux HOOKED DANCERS, au groupe CATALAN COUNTRY STYLE, au "club des perdus sans ma fiche ccs " (Cathy Dumoulin)& au  SOUTHERN GANG qui nous autorisent à utiliser et à diffuser leurs fiches de danses ;)



AlcoholAlcohol   (video)

All you needAll you need  (video)

Anything for loveAnything for love

Bad badBad bad   (video)

Bandidos last rideBandidos last ride  (video)

BeerhonkytonkBeerhonkytonk  (video)

Beer seasonBeer season  (video)

BigloveintownBig love in town  (video)

Black bootsBlack boots  (video)

Buffalo roadBuffalo road  (video)

Catalan trip frCatalan trip fr  (video)


Circles2Circles  (video)

City lightsCity lights

CoachCoach  (video)

Colorado girlColorado girl  (video)

Country styleCountry style (video)

Country tonightCountry tonight  (video)

Daddy franzosischDaddy  (video)

Dance againDance again  (video)

Down the roadDown the road

Easy wayEasy way

Fearless momsFearless moms  (video)

Foxy girlFoxy girl  (video)

Good morning salarduGood morning salardu     (vidéo)

Good to shareGood to share  (video)

Go somewhereGo somewhere  (video)


Halfway to memphisHalfway to memphis  (video)

HeartbreakHeartbreak  (video)

Honky tonk heartacheHonky tonk heartache  (video)


JoanaJoana  (video)

Kisses fiche francaisKisses (fiche francais)

Lake darbonneLake darbonne

Long long wayLong long way  (video)

Long prideLong pride  (video)

Look aroundLook around  (video)

MartiMarti  (video)

M et d okM et D  (video)

Million dollarMillion dollar

MitchMitch  (video)

MoteltimeMotel time  (video)

My blue jeansMy blue jeans  (video)

My truckMy truck  (video)

Nomes per tuNomes per tu  (video)

Old barnOld barn  (video)

OneshotOneshot  (video)

On the rocksOn the rocks  (video)

P3P3  (video)

Paradise cityParadise city  (video)

PriorityPriority  (video)


RebelRebel  (video)

ReturnsReturns  (video)

SaharaSahara  (video)

Shotgun riderShotgun rider  (video)

Shut up and hold onShut up and hold on  (video)

SlapstompSlapstomp  (video)

Small square frSmall square

Small townSmall town

SmilingsongSmilingsong  (video)

Smooth operator1Smooth operator  (video)

Snuggled upSnuggled up  (video)

SouthsideshuffleSouth side shuffle  (video)

Spinning wheelsSpinning wheels

SteppinSteppin  (video)


Stop cryingStop crying  (video)

StrangersStrangers  (video)

Sugar talkSugar talk

Summer s comin 1Summer s comin  (video)

Ten bucksTen bucks

TexasTexas  (video)

TexasheroeTexas heroe  (video)

Thank you folksThank you folks  (video)

That aint gonna flyThat aint gonna fly  (video)

The killer love2The killer love  (video)

ThisthatThis that  (video)

This timeThis time   (video)

Three  crossesThree crosses

ThreewallsThree walls   (video)

Train of dreams frenchTrain of dreams   (video)

TravellingtoarlesTravelling to arles   (video)

Trick riderTrick rider   (video)

Two boysTwo boys   (video)

Verdi westVerdi west   (video)

Waggle danceWaggle dance  (video)

WalkingshoesWalkingshoes   (video)

Where i belongWhere i belong   (video)

WhiteroseWhite rose   (video)

Wish youWish you  (video)